Yes, we sell used canoes, kayaks & paddleboards!

Everyone always wants to know where they can buy a good, used watercraft. Naturally, many of them turn to us because they know our rental fleet consists of some of the best in the market. Also, they’re often people who’ve rented from us and liked what they paddled.

In the spring and fall, we usually have a number of used rental canoes for sale at our Oxtongue Lake store. Most are Kevlar and often include popular models from Swift, like the Kipawa, Prospector, Keewaydin and Algonquin.

We also sell off a number of retired rental kayaks and paddleboards (SUPs) that have seen several seasons of use. One thing to consider is that, usually, the lower the price, the more TLC will be needed (and the heavier it will be).

Please call Swift Algonquin at 705-635-1167 if you have any questions.

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Sorry, we currently have no Canoes available


Sorry, we currently have no Kayaks available


Sorry, we currently have no SUPs available


  • The canoes will have scratches and patches on their hulls but, rest assured, all of our canoes have been reconditioned to a “no-leak” condition. Some may even have new paint jobs, new seats, new yokes and other repairs. All are a good value.
  • These canoes are being sold by the staff at Swift Algonquin, right next door to our Oxtongue Lake location
  • Pictures are not available, so come and see the canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards in person
  • If you decide to purchase a canoe and don’t have a roof rack or foam block set, you can purchase foam blocks and straps at Algonquin Outfitters
  • All used canoes, kayaks and paddleboards are sold as is
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