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The Great Outdoors Photo Contest Winners


The Great Outdoors Photo Contest

Winter Landscape

Many people have been inspired since 1917 by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.  This summer we want you to be inspired by the Great Outdoors, experience what Tom Thomson might have experienced 100 years ago.  Take in what you see and capture it to share with others.  This is what our “Great Outdoors, inspired by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven” photo contest is all about.

Contest Guidelines

Tom painted what he saw and experienced in the wilderness of Algonquin Park.  Pick up your camera this summer and capture what you see in the Great Outdoors.

The Great Outdoors is essentially a landscape photo contest.

Your entry should show inspiration from the beauty of nature and the love of the land.  Have a passionate eye for colour and design and the fleeting effects of light.  Each image should be from your unique personal experience.

Our Winners

With over 440 entries in our 2017 Photos contest our judges had their work cut out for them, part of the reason it took us so long to come up with our winners.  After much deliberation our judges have the following winners to announce.

1st Place Winner:

Remy Michaels, “Algonquin Sunset … Mother Nature’s Good Night Kiss …”
Prize: Cavalcade Promaster SP424K Professional Tripod $300

Remy Michaels Algonquin-Sunset---Mother-Natures-good-night-kiss

2nd Place Winner:

Terry Lupton, “Fall on the Oxtongue River”
Prize: Shopping Spree at Algonquin Outfitters $250

Terry Lupton - Fall on the Oxtongue River

3rd Place Winner:

Marc Gravel, “Paddlers on Grand Lake, Algonquin Park”
Prize: ENO Double Nest Hammock with Suspension & Lights $174

Marc Gravel - Paddlers on Grand Lake Algonquin park

4th Place Winner:

Lisa Stanley, “Swirling River, Oxtongue River”
Prize: Cavalcade Blackbolt O-Bolt mini panning head $170

Lisa Stanley - Swirling River - Oxtongue River

5th Place Winner:

Tara Lisoy, “Late Summer Sunset”
Prize: Petzl Nao 7-355 lumens reactive rechargeable head lamp $150

Tara Lisoy - Late Summer Sunset



Honorable Mentions



Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to our special judges from Cavalcade Color Lab, Lake of Bays Brewing Co and Janine Marson.

Be sure to visit our contest page for more great contests like this.




  • Diana Koch says:

    I have followed Remy Michaels’work for a number of years. I am thrilled that your judges saw what those of us who know his work have seen. His expertise as a professional photographer goes without saying. What has stood out to me, is his deep love of nature. Each photograph is a reflection of the joy he connects to with nature. It is wonderful to see him honored this way, as his devotion to depicting Nature comes from, I believe, a very spiritual and humble place. Thank you

  • Morando says:

    Remy knocked that out of the park ! Great pic to all contestants.

  • Tiffany Mac says:

    Incredible photography, beautiful scenery & amazing thanks to Mother Nature!! Great job Remy!!

  • Diana Koch says:

    I want to make a correction to my original comment. My friend, Remy Micheals reminded me that he is an Amateur Photographer. So many of us, including myself, see his photography as beautiful and so accomplished, it is easy to think of him as a professional photographer. I appreciate is his attention to honesty and am pleased to offer this correction.
    Diana Koch

  • Sarah Cummings says:

    Wow all of these photos are absolutely stunning.
    Congrats to the winner. Breathtaking!

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