Tay House Troop 19

Boy Scouts of America, Rochester, New York

Why has the Tay House Troop 19 been coming to Algonquin Park for decades?

Oct 4, 2018

Dear Rich, Gord, Colin, and the Entire Algonquin Outfitters Team,

On behalf of Tay House Troop 19 and the Highlanders, I want to thank you for all that you and your team did to help make our 2018 Algonquin Canoe Trip a success.  We continue to return to Oxtongue Lake as our start/end point for the Canoe trip – and Greatly appreciate the relationship we have built with AO.  As I stepped out of the car this year, Colin greeted me as if I was just there last week which testament to the welcoming environment AO provides to it’s clients – even if eh was apprehensive of having to bail us out like in 2016!

Our trip started in between the rain clouds -and we greatly appreciate the upgrade t o the tent cabin as well as the use of your propane grill for our soggy first night meal.  The rest of the trip was a great success (compared to the misadventures of 2016) – even if we are threading the needle between storms as we went along.  Our canoes, paddles, PDF’s and accommodations all lived up to your excellent reputation.

Thank you to the entire AO team for all your help and support.  Once again the crew was in awe when Rich, Gord and Colin all knew us by sight – and it is great to be able to speak to the extent of our history working together.  We look forward to our next trip – and cannot wait to get back up to the park for our next adventure!


Roblewis, Scoutmaster
Ian Youngs, Assistant Scoutmaster
Oscar gregoire
Baily Hawk
Grant Ashley
Graham Roberts
Logan James
Jack Barnes

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