Huntsville Curbside

“We ordered skis over the phone a few weeks ago and picked them up from the Huntsville store curbside on December 23rd. We bought a pair of Altai skis and two pairs of KAR 147s. We didn’t even know these kinds of skis existed, and your employee took the time to really listen to what I was looking for and gave me excellent guidance and took the time to call around to the other stores to make sure there would be something that worked for my 9-year old. We all absolutely love our skis and we have been having so much fun with them! This is the most comfortable I’ve seen my kid on skis. She’s zipping around! Your recommendations were spot-on. We also really appreciate that you were offering curbside pick up even before the lockdown started.

This has been a challenging year and we are far from family that we cannot go visit because of travel restrictions. The skis you sold us have helped turn this holiday season into a really fun one, which we didn’t expect. You helped us find ways of having fun outside, and we are grateful! (I’ve also raved about the skis to all of my friends and told them about the excellent service we’ve gotten from you. I’m sure we’ll shop with you again, and we look forward to it!) I wish all of you a happy new year. We plan to ring it in outside, having fun on our skis. Thanks again!


Jan 3, 2021

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