Opeongo Water TaxiThe largest lake in Algonquin Park is home to the Algonquin Outfitters Opeongo Store and Water Taxi. Lake Opeongo is well known for some of the best lake trout and smallmouth bass fishing in the park. For canoeists or sea kayakers who prefer a trip with no portages, the many campsites dotting the bays and islands of this big lake offer unique alternatives to the traditional lake and river routes.

The Lake Opeongo access point (#11) provides excellent access to the central canoe tripping area of Algonquin Park, making it a great starting/ending point. A water taxi ride can give your trip a boost by eliminating the 15-25 km paddle to the main portages at the far end of the lake. You can also have an AO water taxi drop you off at your favourite Opeongo campsite and/or pick you up later.

The AO Opeongo Store is located right at the access point on the south end of Lake Opeongo. Our store offers canoe and kayak rentals, complete outfitting and water taxi services, as well as an outstanding selection of fishing tackle, live bait, camping supplies, clothing, footwear, souvenirs, groceries and ice.

Lake Opeongo is a popular destination for day-trippers too! Canoe and kayak rentals are available for the day and the lake offers a wide variety of scenic destinations.

The Hailstorm Creek Wildlife Viewing Day Trip allows visitors to access the Hailstorm Creek Nature Reserve. This protected area presents excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, particularly for moose. AO Opeongo’s unique program lets day-trippers explore Hailstorm Creek without having to worry about paddling on the big lake – a water taxi transports people and canoes safely from our store to the mouth of the creek in 20 minutes. The trip price includes canoe rental, all safety equipment and water taxi transportation. This trip is available only at the Algonquin Outfitters Opeongo Store.


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