Thanks for your reservation for our ULTIMATE or CUSTOM GUIDED outfitting package!

Part of the service provided by Algonquin Outfitters with these packages is that we will book camping permits in Algonquin Provincial Park on your behalf. In order to do this, a reservation fee must be paid to Ontario Parks. With your permission, we will use your credit card to make the booking for your trip. A reservation fee of $11 is paid when booking the permits online, along with full payment of the backcountry camping fees.

The total fee payable at the time of reservation would be $11 plus the related camping permit fees. The total will vary, depending on the number of people in the group, their ages and nights of camping. Current fees per night, tax included, are $12.43 for adults (18+) and $5.65 for youth (ages 6-17). If the group size changes after the camping permits are booked, adjustments can be made at the park permit office when you arrive.  

For example, a family of two adults and two youth, going on a three-day, two-night trip, would pay the following:

  • Reservation fee: $11
  • Adult camping permits: 2 people X 2 nights X $12.43 = $49.72
  • Youth camping permits: 2 people X 2 nights X $5.65 = $22.60

Total paid upon reservation: $83.32

In order to book a canoe route that is best suited for your group, we need some information from you. Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.


Email Address(Required)


MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY



Are you familiar with basic paddling skills (entry and exit of the canoe; loading a canoe; steering strokes such as the j-stroke, draw stroke, etc; portaging a canoe)?


Are you familiar with the general concepts of canoe-camping (paddling, portaging, setting up camp, etc.)?
How would you describe your camping skill level?



Are there any health concerns that we should take into consideration?
Does anyone in the group have specific dietary restrictions and/or food allergies?
Does anyone in the group take prescription medications? (If yes, please indicate the person, list each medication and what condition it treats.)


What aspects of the canoe trip experience interest you the most (nature interpretation, wildlife viewing, family/friend bonding, developing new skills, enjoying a physical challenge, learning about Algonquin Park history, fishing, cooking great meals)?


Which of the following would you prefer?(Required)


Please estimate your time of arrival at our store.(Required)
Please use EST.
Would you like to have a full day in the park on your last day or finish earlier, perhaps by noon?(Required)


How involved would you like to be in the route planning process?(Required)
(Some people are content to let us select a route based on the information provided and to find out where they are going when they arrive. Others prefer to be more involved; we can send several options for you to consider, and then discuss them by email or phone, so you are more actively involved in the process).

12. WHY

13. MORE


In order to book your camping permits, we require your credit card information.(Required)


Here are some useful resources to help get you ready:

* Check out our website at It is full of information about our services, as well as many resources, videos and trip planning ideas. You might find the "Canoe Trip Planning Guide" particularly helpful. It is available in PDF format or by an automatic email in the "Canoe Trip Planning" section. Also on our website, this page has a list of personal items to bring on a fully outfitted canoe trip:

* Visit the Algonquin Park website at This well-organized site contains a wealth of information about the history, nature, rules and regulations, camping tips and much more. You can get a good idea of what a canoe trip is all about here: 

 * You can view the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map online at

* Algonquin Outfitters supports Leave No Trace camping principles as promoted by Algonquin Park. Find out more about Leave No Trace here:

If you have any immediate questions or would like more details, call 1-800-469-4948 or 705-635-2243. We're open all year!

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