Rental Rates

We have a minimum two-day charge for overnight rentals. 

Day rentals are walk-up only, please inquire about your day rental rates as they differ from multi-day rates. We do not offer reservations on day rentals.

Haliburton & Minden have limited availability: please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

All PFDs are sanitized before and after rentals. They are available to rent with canoes.  You must have a properly fitting PFD while out on the water and we highly recommend wearing them while on the water.

See our “How To Videos, for canoe trips.”

Standard Aluminum or Polyethylene

A low cost and very stable but heavy canoe.

3 Seat Aluminum

A low cost option for three people in one canoe.


Perfect for easy lake or river trips with less or no portaging.

Expedition Kevlar 16' (Swift Algonquin)

Offers excellent stability and easy handling.

$46.98 View
Expedition Kevlar 17' (Swift Algonquin)

Great stability and handling with more cargo room for longer trips and bigger loads

$46.98 View
Superlight Kevlar 16' (Swift Kipawa)

Our most popular asymmetrical touring canoe

$52.98 View
Superlight Kevlar 17' (Swift Winisk, Temagami, or Prospector 17)

For longer trips or more cargo

$52.98 View
3 Seat Superlight Kevlar 18.5' for 3 adults (Swift 222 Cruiser)

Cruiser with an extra seat for an extra paddler

$59.98 View
Featherweight Kevlar 16' (Swift Propsector 16, Keewaydin 16)

Ideal for trips with lots of portages

$59.98 View
Featherweight Kevlar 17' (Swift Keewaydin 17)

For travelling light and fast

$59.98 View
3 Seat Featherweight Kevlar 17.6' (Swift Keewaydin 17.6)

Keewaydin with an extra seat for an extra paddler

Solo Kevlar canoe (Swift Keewaydin 15, Shearwater 16)

Traditional Solo Canoe (includes removable yoke)

$46.98 View
Solo Pack Canoe (Swift Pack 13.6 or Keewaydin 15P)*

Pack canoes paddle like a kayak with the cargo room of a canoe.

$46.98 View
Cedar-canvas canoe * (Chestnut 15')

Paddle a classic Chestnut (photographers and traditionalists love the look and feel)

$62.98 View
Royalite tandem canoe (Prospector 16)*

For easier river trips that do not require rigging (float bags and thigh straps)

Rigged Royalex tandem canoe - Limited availability at Oxtongue Lake only.

Ready for white water with bow/stern float bags and thigh straps

$51.98 View
North Canoe (25' Voyageur style - seats 10)*

Work as a team with this 8-10 passenger 25' Voyageur canoe

$149.98 View
Paddling Gear
Canoe vest (PFD) - adults & kids $3.50
Deluxe paddling vest (PFD) $5.50
Pet life vest $3.98
Bent shaft paddle / extra standard paddle $2.50 View
Foam block/strap set (flat rate w/ rental) $9.98 View
Yakima roof rack-holds 2 canoes (flat rate w/rental) $19.98 View
Throw rope, bilge pump, helmet, or safety kit $3.98
Canoe yoke pad $1.98

Access Point Deliveries

Access point delivery rates below indicate the delivery charge not the rental equipment charge, see our Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboard rentals pages for product rental rates.  All rentals are charged by the calendar day with a minimum 2 day rental.  Paddles & PFD’s must be picked up from either our Oxtongue Lake or Lake Opeongo store based on where the delivery is originating from.  Eg. for Free Delivery to Canoe or Smoke Lake, pick up paddles from our Oxtongue Lake store, for Free delivery to Rock or Sunday Creek pick up from our Lake Opeongo Store.  

Access Point Delivery Rates (rentals extra)

From Oxtongue Lake From Lake Opeongo
Canoe Lake Delivery Free $30
Smoke Lake Delivery Free $30
Source Lake Delivery $20 $20
Cache Lake Delivery $20 $20
Sunday Creek Delivery $30 Free
Rock Lake $30 Free

For other Access Points please call 1-800-469-4948 (Oxtongue Lake, west side) or 1-888-280-8886 (Opeongo Lake, central / east side)



  • Canoe rental price includes a paddle per person and a safety kit (whistle, 15m rope and bailer)
  • PFD’s (Lifejackets) are extra.
  • We have a minimum two-day charge for overnight rentals.
  • * denotes item not available at Brent store – call 1-800-469-4948 (1-705-635-2243) for information.
  • Park permits are extra and paid by the client.  We can assist with the trip planning and reservation process – please call for details.


  • Rentals totaling 5 to 7 days receive a 15% discount off the regular price (unless a multi-day rental rate is already noted).
  • Rentals totaling 8+ days receive a 25% discount off the regular price (unless a multi-day rental rate is already noted).
  • Scouts, schools, camps and church youth groups can take advantage of our special “non-profit youth group rates”. Please inquire.

Please call 1-800-469-4948 (1-705-635-2243) to reserve or book on-line.


How to load a canoe on your vehicle

AlternativelyHow to load TWO canoes on one vehicle