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OluKai Sandals born in Hawaii

It started as a different approach to a footwear company. We wanted to create footwear that combines durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship.


We view our approach today as part of a path; a journey that started with our ancestors that have passed down stories, values, and spirit. We believe that sustainability and positive living is less about an ethos and more about the choices that you make everyday. It’s about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others.


Our Aloha, our breath of life is about the action of giving without any expectation of receiving. Years before OluKai was profitable, we were giving back because that is part of our core values.


We produce products we believe in. Products we can stand behind. We believe in quality of product and material, craftsmanship in construction and finding quality in life by the choices we make everyday.


OluKai Premium Footbeds

Premium footbeds

We build our footwear on anatomically contoured footbeds to ensure proper medial and lateral arch support, long term comfort, and a personal fit right out of the box.

OluKai Product Guarantee

Product Guarantee

As a testament to our quality construction, all OluKai footwear is backed by a one-year guarantee against manufacture’s defects.

OluKai Superior Fit

Superior Fit

Our footwear is handcrafted on custom-made lasts for superior fit, comfort, and support. Our generous toe box allows your toes and forefoot to stretch naturally with each step while the arch and heel of our anatomical footbed cushions and stabilizes your stride.



Ama OluKai Foundation

Founded in 2014, the Ama OluKai Foundation is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) located in the State of Hawai‘i. The Foundation partners with other committed and progressive organizations interested in the preservation of Hawaiian culture, and honors those who cultivate cultural heritage and the Aloha spirit of Hawai‘i.

In correlation with other Hawaiian based organizations, The Foundation works to preserve land and ocean, serve our communities, and maintain the Hawaiian culture and traditions. This is conducted through targeted programs designed to explore ancestral past to present day. The Foundation provides encouragement to those who benefit from its partnerships to carry forward the spirit of giving for future generations.

For more information on The Ama OluKai Foundation, please visit:

Certified B-Corporation

OluKai heritage of good works stems from Hawaii’s cultural value system. Since inception we have consciously guided our business practices with the ideas of:

Malama – by giving back to our community we support a collective effort greater than our own.

Island sustainability – those who live where resources are inherently limited naturally adopt practices that are efficient and sustainable.

In an effort to formalize our business practices we became a Certified B-Corporation in January 2014. We work parallel with 1,000+ other Certified B-Corporations across 33 nations and 60 industries to revive social and environmental performance standards. With our drive, we plan to create change across our communities and economies.

To become a Certified B-Corporation, we meet the higher standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. We’ve continued to increase our B-Corporation score with the implementation of new processes and procedures, as well as continuing to reinforce our current sustainable business practices.

OluKai makes the most impact in the following areas:

Community: We are assessed on our relationship with local communities, which includes community service and charitable giving, diversity, and relationships with our business partners.
Environment: We are evaluated on our environmental performance through energy usage, facilities (including manufacturing), materials and other resources. In particular, our selection of only Gold Certified tanneries to source our leather products helps to ensure we minimize waste water, use of water based cements in manufacturing helps to reduce hazardous substances, and lastly building a quality product that lasts longer helps to minimize our manufacturing footprint.
Workforce: We are measured on our organization’s relationship with its workforce, which includes company culture, compensation, employee benefits, training and work environment.

For more information on B-Corporation, please visit:
OluKai’s B-Corporation Profile:

The Conservation Alliance

As a member of The Conservation Alliance, OluKai partners with others around a common purpose to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. We serve as a catalyst and direct our collective nature to seek out grassroots conservation plans.

For more information on The Conservation Alliance, please visit:




Nearly four decades ago, veteran Maui lifeguard and Waterman Hall of Famer, Archie Kalepa saw the legendary Eddie Aikau in action—feats of selfless courage so formative that Kalepa knew he’d someday join that brotherhood of elite Hawaiian life savers. “We perform unrecognized heroic acts every day,” says Kalepa with disarming humility. He and the 450+ guards of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association each proudly wear OluKai footwear as they patrol the rocky cliffs and rip tide ravaged shores of the islands.

The Hawaiian Lifeguard Collection is developed to be part of the uniform, “part of our tool chest,” says Kalepa. This is rugged footwear for rugged terrain—the day-to-day demands of the HLA have tested these shoes and sandals for the needs of a true waterman. Simply put: “It’s a shoe that works,” says Kalepa. He and the rest of the HLA put these shoes to the test far before they find their way to the shelves. Hauaiian Lifeguard ApprovedFrom the fit and overall performance to breathability and traction, the HLA take these shoes through real field research—the actual gauntlet of lifeguarding. Hawaiian lifeguards provide recommendations and suggestions to properly shape footbeds and increase traction—it is this kind of rigorous testing that vastly improves final design of the product. These shoes are not just inspired by Hawaiian lifeguards, they’re thoughtfully constructed specifically to meet their needs from the slick rocky outcropping around Hanauma Bay, to the 25 foot swells of the storied North Shore.

Hawaiian lifeguarding is a proud tradition and tight-knit community, the highest standard to which guards in other coastal communities aspire. OluKai is humbled to play a significant role in nurturing that tradition. For each pair of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Collection, a portion of the proceeds directly supports Hawaii’s Junior Lifeguard Program, inspiring and training the next generation of Kalepas and Aikaus. “No matter what anyone says, if you put your mind to it, you can do it,” Kalepa tell these Junior Guards. “I know it’s true because I did it. Stay focused, stay healthy, stay fit, and keep your integrity. Those are things that we need to build, not just lifeguards but great leaders in the community.”



  • Looking to purchase 50-100 pair of mens and womens slippers for a corporate event on Maui in December.
    Do you offer corporate pricing/discounts?

  • Nader Parsia says:

    Aloha dear OluKai staff , Mahalo Nui Loa for creating such a great quality footwear, and keeping its production and manufacturing right at home in Aloha State so all benefit of safe and quality footwear , and protection of our mother nature. Mahalo Nui Loa.

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  • John says:

    Buy Okabashi instead. Actually made in the US, better quality and comfort.

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