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Mark in the Park

I went on my first canoe camping trip in Algonquin Park 3 years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The trips have become longer and more numerous, and I find myself staring at the map planning the next trip before the last one has even ended. In the winter months, when paddling simply isn’t possible (sigh), I’ve relied on reading recounts or watching videos of others past trips. With a professional background in television, I decided to combine work and play, thus creating a TV show all about canoe camping in Algonquin Park.

“Mark in the Park” is a brand new series that follows expert canoe camping guide and all-around Algonquin lover, Mark Rubino, on a 10-day backcountry trip through Algonquin Park’s north-west end. Mark has been visiting Algonquin Park for nearly two decades, with over 150 canoe trips under his belt. He has documented many of these trips with photos and blog-style “trip-logs” on his website

This 10-part series brings Mark’s trip-logs to life, and aims to exhibit the breathtaking sights and sounds of the Algonquin backcountry. It strives to inspire people to get out and experience backcountry canoe camping for themselves, and for seasoned paddlers, acts as an informational vehicle for trip planning, or as a simple way of quenching spring paddling fever as we await ice out!

Sit back and enjoy this Rogers TV video series, staring one of our 2019 guides, Mark Rubino.

Mark in the Park

Mark in the Park – Episode 1 “Chicken on a Stick”

Day 1 “Chicken on a Stick”. Expert canoe camping guide “Mark Rubino” embarks on a 10-day backcountry wilderness trek through Algonquin Provincial Park’s northern end. He departs from Access #29 “Kioshkokwi (Kiosk) Lake”, in search of dazzling sights, peaceful sounds, and pure solitude.

Mark in the Park – Episode 2 “Solitude”

Day 2 “Solitude”. Mark journeys from Manitou Lake to the East Arm of North Tea Lake, stopping along the way to take a dip in a breathtaking waterfall. He sets up camp at a tiered island site, where he enjoys a juicy 2-inch steak and enlightens us on how his love for backcountry tripping began.

Mark in the Park – Episode 3 “Glass”

Day 3 “Glass”. Mark wakes up to a calm, misty morning on North Tea Lake and sets off towards Biggar Lake on waters smooth as glass. He explains how to choose the best place to pitch a tent from a grassy site complete with panoramic views and a rock chair.

Mark in the Park – Episode 4 “Alder Hell”

Day 4 “Alder Hell”. Mark has to navigate through the alder-crowded waters of Birchcliffe Creek, in order to reach the secluded Birchcliffe Cabin. He visits the lone creek side campsite along the way, and reminisces about taking this same route 10 years earlier.

Mark in the Park – Episode 5 “Fall is Here”

Day 5 “Fall is Here”. Mark is rudely awaken to a cool fall morning on Birchcliffe Lake, and ventures along a series of low-maintenance portages towards the crystal clear waters of North Raven Lake. En route, he stops to visit the remnants of an old logging camp and later on, shares tips on how to select the best wood for fire-starting and how to make the perfect bear hang.

Mark in the Park – Episode 6 “My Favourite Site”

Day 6 “My Favourite Site”. Mark makes his way down Maple Creek on the longest day of his trip, unsure of the changes to the conditions of this route since his last visit to the area in 2004. More alders and mislabeled portage locations make for an interesting voyage that ends at Mark’s favourite campsite in Algonquin Provincial Park, a beautiful island site on Maple Lake.

Mark in the Park – Episode 7 “All Downhill From Here”

Day 7 “All Downhill From Here”. Mark continues down Maple Creek and looks back on the days of old as he passes the remains of a ranger cabin and logging camp, as well as the first campsite he ever stayed at in Algonquin. He builds camp on Kiosk Lake and enjoys a true backcountry “delicacy” for dinner.

Mark in the Park – Episode 8 “Friends”

Day 8 “Friends”. Mark wakes up to a blustery, howling wind that is thankfully at his back, pushing him all the way to the Kiosk Access Point, where he packs up and heads south to join some friends for a weekend of remembrance at Access #4 “Rain Lake”. The group fights ferocious winds all the way to McCraney Lake, where they kick back, relax and enjoy sharing stories of trips past.

Mark in the Park – Episode 9 “Saying Goodbye”

Days 9 & 10 “Saying Goodbye”. Mark and friends set off for Hoodlum Falls, a spot named after their self-titled group “The Hoodlums” that completed “The Meanest Link” together. Along the way, they revisit a historic portage that their group re-traced during “The Meanest Link” and they pause to remember a group member that has since passed.

Mark in the Park – Episode 10 “A Trip To Remember”

“A Trip To Remember”. An episode recapping the 10 day canoe camping trip through Algonquin Provincial Park featuring Mark Rubino and crew of Todd Cameron and Matt Haughn. See the route taken, bloopers, some behind the scenes and more!



Visit Mark’s website for guiding services and past trip logs  •

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  • Erika Kiss says:

    I loved watching these videos. I’ve canoe tripped through many areas of the park over the years, especially while working at Opeongo for AO back in the 90s. I never did the route you guys were on, so not only did the videos remind me of the serene solitude and my love for algonquin canoe tripping, this route makes me want to start planning for this summer. these videos have inspired me to canoe trip once again (I interior camp annually, but haven’t portaged in way too many years) It is my true love going into the wilderness for days on end and you all have reminded me of this fact. Funny how injuries and living the day to day distracted me from what my whole being needs the most, an algonquin provincial park multi day canoe trip!
    Thanks, Erika

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