Algonquin Park

Mark in the Park Season Two 2020

AO guide Mark R., better known as “Mark in the Park,” has a wonderful approach to sharing some of his adventures in Algonquin Park. This season, Mark shows newbie Iain Murphy the route they will be taking on their 10-day Algonquin Park backcountry canoe trip. He’ll review the planning process and the gear they will pack, as well as share lots of tips and tricks along the way. In his videos, you’ll see lots of great Algonquin Park historic sites, such as the Algonquin Logging Museum, the Brent Meteorite Crater and our Algonquin Outfitters base in Brent on Cedar Lake.

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  • S says:

    Loved both trips you guys took through the park. Lots of knowledge, laughs and history. Let me know if you need someone (me) to carry Matt’s gear in season three. haha! Keep up the fantastic work! All the Best


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