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Lake Opeongo Weather Cam

Have you ever wondered what the weather is like, right now, in Algonquin Park?

New for April 2017 – Algonquin Outfitters has invested in a weather station and webcam for Lake Opeongo.  Now you can view the live weather from Algonquin’s largest lake and even see what’s happening.  Weather data and images are captured every few minutes and at the end of the day the photos are compiled into a time-lapse of the entire day.  You’ll be able to view our current Lake Opeongo weather data on our website or by downloading the BloomSky app. (See links below)

Where is the weather cam located?

Algonquin Outfitters’ BloomSky weather station, (Storm) and Sky2 Cam, are located on Lake Opeongo in Algonquin Provincial Park, on the roof of the Opeongo Store looking out over Fish Gut Bay.  When you visit Lake Opeongo take a look up at the dormer on the roof facing the water, closest to the canoe racks (east side, facing north) and you’ll see two little round globes on poles.  These are the weather station sensory units.  The weather station is echo friendly too running entirely on solar power.

(click to see larger images)

Weather Cam view

These images show where the weather station is located on the Opeongo Store

Lake Opeongo Weather Cam

  • Lake Opeongo

    Lake Opeongo

  • Lake Opeongo

    Lake Opeongo

  • Lake Opeongo

    Lake Opeongo

What does the camera see?

The camera takes a picture about every 5 minutes and captures a very wide angle view of the sky with some of the shoreline across the bay and the boardwalk where our canoes and water taxi sit.  The view is very wide angle so to capture the weather.  Can it see you?  We value your privacy, it can make out figures in the bottom of the frame but can not see faces or any great detail.  The camera is mainly designed to capture the sky and the local weather.

Actual camera images

  • April 22 2017 1pm

    April 22 2017 1pm

  • April 23 12pm

    April 23 12pm

  • April 23 7pm

    April 23 7pm

What is BloomSky?

“BloomSky is as much a community as it’s a smart weather station.  BloomSky aims to change the way people get their weather. They are building a crowdsourcing network to collect and share accurate, hyperlocal weather information. An image of the sky in each location puts the conditions in context as opposed to simply providing numerical weather data. The images give a better understanding of weather conditions and furthers the viewers physical and emotional connection to their weather.”

The people behind BloomSky are weather geeks, outdoor enthusiasts, avid travelers, crowdsourced community drivers, and techy early adopters. They believe in the “Weather Revolution” – a new way of searching and engaging with weather that is finally real-time, hyper-local, accurate, and most importantly, gives us what we need the most – images of our sky.

SKY2 + STORM weather station

The first community-based weather camera station.  Sky2 and Storm not only take a picture every few minutes but they are packed full of weather sensors that record hyperlocal weather:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • dew point
  • air presure
  • ultraviolet levels
  • wind speed and direction
  • rain fall over the last 24 hours and current mm/hr

Download the app for your smart phone or tablet and you’ll also be able to see weather forecast and daily time lapse photos for the last few days.

There’s also thousands of other BloomSky users around the world that you can discover and view online and in the app.


Discover BloomSky Map

Bloomsky Map


Get the Bloomsky App

Check the weather at Lake Opeongo, in Algonquin Park any time from anywhere just by downloading the Bloomsky app to your smart phone.  We’re easy to find as we’re one of the only ones in central Ontario and the only one in Algonquin Park, or just search for “Lake Opeongo”

Bloomsky weather app



Get Real-time Weather Images

  • on demand weather
  • crowdsourced data
  • time-lapse videos
  • hyperlocal locations
  • real-time notifications
  • share with others on social media


Apple Bloomsky App


Useful Links


Lake Opeongo’s current live weather



  • Bob McElroy says:

    Neat little weather station. But the minimum temperature spec seems to be only -20C. Is this correct?

    • Good day Bob, according to the technical specifications you are correct. at -20c Opeongo would be pretty frozen over and still for most of the rest of the winter. Our plans right now are to take down our weather station at the end of the season well before it get to the -20c range. I’ve seen some others that continue to run the camera by placing it indoors in a window but our store has no heat so could drop down to below the -20c indoors in the winter. I’ve also seen others who left their BloomSky outdoors in the winter time. We are looking into the recommendations by the manufacture.

      For now I don’t think you have to worry about it dipping below -20c anytime soon.

      ~ Randy M


    Great idea !

  • Jacqueline says:

    Can you give the temperature in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit? US products at Home Depot notwithstanding, Canada is officially a metric country.

    • Good day Jacqueline, thanks for viewing our article about launching our Weather Cam at Lake Opeongo. We have two solutions for you. First I encourage you to download the app so you can view the live Lake Opeongo weather and images anytime from anywhere. You can find information about the app here –

      Second option is on this page, because the weather station manufacture is USA based they default the page to F every time the page loads. You can click the Back to Map link above the image and then click on the dot in the middle of Algonquin Park on the map. This is our Lake Opeongo Weather Station. The preview will load, click on the C symbol in the upper left of the preview and then click View Details below the preview image. The frame will load with the Celsius data.

      Unfortunately there’s now way to actually key the frame to load in anything but Fahrenheit with out choosing C yourself or using the app. Hope that helps. ~ Randy M.

  • Okam says:

    Looks like the camera went offline at 8:45pm tonight.

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