Algonquin Park

When is Algonquin Park ice out?

A few seasons ago, our intrepid reporters unearthed a secret document revealing the results of a 33-year study of ice-out dates on Lake Opeongo. This is usually the last lake to open up in Algonquin Park during the spring. “Ice-out” refers to the day when boat travel from end to end is unimpeded by ice.

Over 33 years of record-keeping, the average ice-out date was April 30. The earliest was April 12, 1981, and the latest was, May 15, 1972. A new ice-out record was set in 2012, when Lake Opeongo became ice-free on March 29. With such a wide range of potential dates, you now know why our staff have such difficulty answering that popular question, “When will the ice go out this year?”

The best strategy for trip planning is to have a flexible schedule and route plan. You can phone us closer to your trip dates to get a better prediction. We also post current conditions, pictures and reports as we get them (starting in early April – check the archives for previous reports)

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