Is a kayak trip possible in Algonquin Park?

Pack CanoeI’d like to do an interior camping trip in Algonquin Park using a kayak. Is this a good idea?

Kayak touring is a great way to explore large expanses of open water with little or no portaging. Some of Algonquin Park’s larger lakes, like Lake Opeongo, Rock Lake or Galeairy, are well suited to this type of travel. While kayaks are certainly fast and fun to paddle, we generally discourage people from using them on trips with numerous or lengthy portages.

Although paddling a kayak may be faster than canoeing, portaging is tricky and time consuming. A good compromise might be one of our new “pack canoes.” These are equipped with kayak-style seats and one typically uses a kayak paddle with these slim canoes. This offers individual travel with close to the speed of kayaking but the carrying capacity and portaging ease of a canoe.

We rent Swift Pack Boats and a variety of other one-person canoes, including Swift solo models like the Shearwater and Keewaydin 15. Our solo rentals are 13-16 feet long, weigh 26-39 lbs. and come with detachable carrying yokes, since the seat is in the centre of the canoe. Gear space varies with the model; solo canoes are generally narrower than tandems. We often recommend the Shearwater for your first solo trip, since it is the most roomy and very stable.

For more information on Solo Canoe or Kayak trip packages visit our Solo Trip page or Canoe Rental page.