Algonquin Park

Hiking: Where can I hike in Algonquin Park?

Algonquin Park hiking trails fall in to one of two categories, either day hiking trails or backpacking trails.

  • Day Hiking Trails: Algonquin Park features 18 day hiking trails that range from less than a kilometre in length to over 10km. (See the Day Hiking Trails Map)
  • Backpacking Trails: There’s something for every outdoor enthusiast in Algonquin Park. If you’re looking for more than just a day excursion, you may want to try one of the three different backpacking trail systems located in Algonquin Park. These trails offer loops from 6km to 88km in length, designated camping areas and are the only way to access remote regions of the Algonquin Park interior on foot. (See the Backpacking Trails Map)

The Friends of Algonquin Park also publish an excellent and inexpensive map, with contours, for the Western Uplands, Highland and Eastern Pines backpacking trails in Algonquin Park. You can order the Backpacking Trails Map (along with guide books and many other useful park publications) online from the Algonquin Park Book Store.

Ordering Books & Maps

The Backpacking Trails Map can be ordered online from the Algonquin Park Book Store or from Algonquin Outfitters by mail order. Call Algonquin Outfitters in Oxtongue Lake to order Adventure Maps, Backroad Mapbooks and Jeff’s Maps (1-800-469-4948).