Do you sell your used canoes & kayaks?

Some of the most searched-for items on the Algonquin Outfitters website would have to be “Used Canoes.” We typically publish a list in the fall, with updates being made as needed.  We encourage anyone looking for used canoes to keep checking our website or make the drive out to our Oxtongue Lake location. You may also want to visit the Swift Canoe & Kayak website to learn more about their products, or drop by one of their stores.

Every year, we sell off a number of our rental canoes. Most have seen several seasons of use and will usually have scratches and patches on their hulls. Our used canoes are restored to a “no-leak” condition and some may even have new paint jobs. All are a good value.

Most used Kevlar canoes sell for about $1600-$2400 (about half to a third of the original retail price). The most popular models are the Swift Algonquins, Prospectors and Kipawas. We also sell off some of our rental kayaks and SUPs each year with prices generally 20-50% off for “as-is” watercraft.

The best time to look for a used canoe or kayak from Algonquin Outfitters or Swift is in the late fall or the spring. It can be difficult to look at canoes in the winter but we don’t mind doing a bit of shovelling, if the canoe-buying urge strikes you!