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July 19, 2019 – July 21, 2019 all day
Algonquin Park
Samantha Allard

Slow down.  Get away from the hustle and bustle.  Listen to the breeze and the water.  Be immersed in the beauty of Nature.

Imagine sitting by the lake after a day of relaxed canoeing, reflecting maybe journaling or reading in the summer sunshine. With the city out of sight and the responsibilities of your day to day life taken care of, you are finally able to relax. Being in Algonquin, sitting around a campfire listening to the crackle of the flames, the crickets and the soul touching sound of the loon call allows you to reconnect to yourself.Algonquin Park Yoga

If you have been yearning for some time away, time in nature, and time with other like minded women, then I invite you to join me for a weekend to Relax. Reconnect. Reboot.

On July 19-21 join myself Samantha, and other women between the ages of 30 and 70 looking to retreat into a weekend of wilderness paddling, yoga, nutritious delicious food, and camping in world renowned Algonquin landscape.

This 3 day retreat will reenergize you, have a relaxing tone, and reset your rhythm for the year ahead. It’s the best way to wind down, appreciate the summer connecting to nature and reconnecting with yourself in the ebbs and flows of a natural rhythm. This is your chance to unwind and take time for yourself, you deserve it!


I am a professional wilderness canoe guide with over 10 years experience and more than 250 nights out backcountry canoe tripping. I specialize in taking out beginners, in particular European tourists looking for the iconic Canadian experience of a wilderness canoe trip and making them feel safe and comfortable in the back country. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach eager to share how easy and tasty nutritious food can be. Eating good food, feels so great. Adopting a holistic approach to health, self care and keeping expectations and goals achievable are important parts of my practice. I am also a Red Cross first aid instructor and volunteer firefighter for the Dorset fire department. With me you can feel at ease and safely taken care of.

Kathleen has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching since 1998. She is certified in Kripalu, Esther Myers and Ashaya methods of Hatha Yoga as well as recently certified in Yin Yoga. Kathleen teaches an integrated approach to yoga combining attention to physical alignment with a celebration of the heart. Her teaching is infused with passion, lightheartedness, connection with nature and always deep reverence to all of her teachers and to this ancient practice of yoga. Teaching outside surrounded by and embodying all of the elements of nature is Kathleen’s favorite Yoga Studio.

On this back country retreat you will eat well, feel alive, and feel safe with an experienced professional guide.

One of the greatest benefits is the chance to breathe fresh Algonquin air increasing alertness and experience easier breathing if you live in or near a city with more vehicle pollution and less trees. Canoeing is a low impact activity with numerous health benefits including its peaceful cadanace that can be meditative and relieve stress.

Canoeing and portaging provide and astounding sense of accomplishment and self confedance.

Eating delicious nutritious food will kick start your health for increased energy and better digestion.

On this trip you will experience tranquil beauty in nature, in others, and in yourself.

This canoe trip is designed for beginners, but is suitable for all abilities. You will paddle with a partner for 4 to 9 kilometres each day, taking approximately 3-5 hours. We will move at a relaxed pace, taking breaks along the way. We will be portaging from lake to lake as a team, you will be properly coached on how to lift with assistance and carry gear. Don’t worry about feeling unable to do this, portages will only be a few hundred metres. As long as you can carry a packed suitcase, you will be able to confidently carry gear across a portage. We will use featherweight canoes from Algonquin Outfitters, 16’ prospector canoes made of kevlar weighing only 40 pounds. Portaging is a very satisfying mode of travel to feel self sufficient and move like the early explorers of Canada.

If you have never been on a canoe trip before there is no need to worry, instruction will be provided. I’ve taken many people on canoe trips that have never paddled or camped before, it is a rewarding form of exploration. It is a wonderful feeling to paddle up to the perfect campsite, it’s like coming home at the end of a long day. You put on some cozy clothes maybe after a swim, and not worry about what you look like, set yourself up to be comfortable. Make your bed, relax and take time for you the rest of the evening. We will be staying at the same campsite both nights, giving you the chance to really settle in to your home away from home in the forest. The food never tasted so good after a day of paddling, I guarantee you will not go hungry and your tastebuds will be satisfied.

There is very little cell reception around Algonquin. This will give you the chance to truly disconnect and be at peace. As the guide I will be carrying a satellite phone for emergencies, you can feel at ease you will be safe and well taken care of in an emergency.

This Women’s Wilderness Canoe and Yoga Retreat is an all inclusive trip.

You will be provided with all equipment needed:

  • Featherweight carbon/Kevlar canoe (40 lbs)
  • bent shaft or traditional hardwood paddle
  • deluxe P.F.D (life jacket)
  • expedition canoe packs
  • self-inflating Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad
  • backpack stove with fuel
  • cookware and utensils
  • camp fire grill
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight
  • stuff sacks
  • premium lightweight tent
  • three-season sleeping bag and liner
  • 1 litre water bottle
  • padded folding camp chairs
  • lightweight tarp
  • rain poncho

All 3 meals and 3 snacks per day are provided. I will create the menu with nutrition, sustainable energy and satisfaction in mind. All allergies and food restrictions will be accommodated for. Suggestions will be taken into consideration.


Take a look at what retreat participants have to say:

“I really enjoyed the group of girls, the activity, the food, all of it was great. I would most definitely do the weekend again, in fact we already chatted a little about next year. I felt safe at all times..a well organized trip. I would 100% recommend the trip thanks for the pictures” – Denyse

“The level of difficulty was perfect, I find that as I get older I need to pace myself and I was able to do that. The food was great, plentiful, tasty and nutritious. I loved the yoga; Kathleen is such a great teacher and her theme of the elements was perfect for the weekend. I didn’t really set a ‘goal’ as much as I had an intention……which was to have time to connect a bit more with my daughter, so yes it was achieved! I felt completely safe and supported. I would definitely recommend this retreat to a friend. Please keep in touch, and hopefully we will connect again soon.
Thank you so much Sam! Many blessings.” – MJ

“Thank-you………I feel such tremendous gratitude for this Wild Women weekend you offer. I felt the difficulty of this year’s trip was perfect for me. A good paddle and the portage routes – both of them were manageable distances, enough to get a good workout but not too much to feel exhausted at the end! You amaze me with the food, I felt well nourished both from our meals/snacks ingested and in such a beautiful environment! I always feel safe with you as our guide. You are tremendously organized and steadfast in providing an awesome experience. I already have been recommending the retreat. In gratitude for all that you do and blessings, Valerie”

“It was lovely to be paddling again, to be away from the noise and hustle bustle of city life, to hear the loons, to be in good company and to feel so nourished by the experience. My goal was to carry a canoe by myself which I did and then to carry one with someone else which I did with Val – very empowering. Thanks for all that you did in organizing and facilitating the retreat! You are a natural at what you do! Best wishes for the rest of the summer and hope to see you again! much love Catherine”

“I really enjoyed the trip and overall the trip was easy for me; the packs were heavy but manageable (even for an old gal like me!) The food was really good and healthy and I appreciated that. The yoga was not only enjoyable but thought provoking as well (ie. boundaries), there was a real connection to the environment, which makes sense given where we were. Kathleen has a gentle and effective way of imparting her Yoga knowledge. I felt safe and yes I would recommend this trip to a friend; in fact a few curious friends have already expressed an interest in going. Thanks again for a great trip!” – Karen

“My mind body and soul were touched on the weekend….thank you for that….I did feel a healthy shift in my busy striving for perfection energy……The food was absolutely scrumptious, the site was so beautiful, the swimming was the best (even the climbing out lol) the canoeing was bliss and the portages were just the right challenge (easy to say that now lol) – I loved how we all worked together! Best of all I love to laugh and I did a lot of that!

Sam I have not done anything like this for 40+ years and have wanted to but was not sure that I could….but I did and am feeling really good about it! You are so very patient, helpful and laid back which is a huge plus especially with a group of “in-charge”/Pitta women!! I would recommend this retreat in a heartbeat and would love to do it again with my daughters!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you are awesome!
Hugs! Janet”

“I thought the retreat was great! It was very well organized and coordinated from the meeting place to the food and all the logistics. I felt it was the perfect balance of relaxation and challenge and you were great about giving us enough information so we knew what to expect. The food was very good and I felt there was lots of choices for everyones taste. Finally I think the yoga is a great complement to the canoeing and probably saved our sore muscles. All in all I would definitely do it again and have recommended it to several friends!All the best, Leslie”

“Thank you for sharing the photos! It was a wonderful trip. Food was great. I thought it was just the right amount of canoeing and portaging and I loved the yoga. I would definitely recommend your trip to other people who have never been canoeing before, or even if they have but want a relaxing and nourishing weekend away. I am not a big camper, but other than a lack of having a pillow (which is on me) it was a comfortable environment. You put a lot of thought and effort into the trip and I thank you for the experience!! All the best!! Dawn”

Registration for this retreat is on a first come bases and there are only 10 spots! So sign up as soon as you can for July 19-21 .

The Women’s Wilderness Canoe and Yoga Retreat is an all inclusive price of $630.

If you want to schedule a 10 min phone call to clear up any questions you have send me a note at


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