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Paddle Art Contest Submission close date

Full Tom Thomson Paddle Art Contest details here

Paddle Art Contest


  • Tracey Boerkamp says:

    We’re working on them now it’s a great project thanks with this is this our submission to the contest or only when we drop off the paddles thanks Tracey and Shelly Boerkamp

    • Can’t wait to see what your paddles look like, Tracey and Shelly Boerkamp. Hope you have fun working on them and lots of luck in the contest when you submit your paddles. Thanks for supporting local art in our communities. ~ Randy

  • Marion heintzman says:

    When is the event auction night?

    • Marion, thanks for the interest in our Paddle Art Auction. We will be holding the auction right here on our website after the submission close date of Aug 31st 2017 (It may take us a day or two to upload the last few paddles) the auction will run online until Sept 29th 2017. There will be a live event at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville to see the paddles in person and place final bids online but you don’t have to come to the event to still place a bid.

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