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CineMuskoka 2017

September 1, 2017 @ 3:54 pm – September 3, 2017 @ 4:54 pm
Free to $50 for weekend pass

The festival that celebrates the filmmakers of tomorrow- now.

Co-founded by film-makers J.L. Munce and Oliver Ward, CineMuskoka is hosted by the town of Huntsville, Muskoka starting Labour Day weekend every year, September 1st to the 3rd in 2017

The festival is scheduled in Muskoka a week before TIFF allowing filmmakers to find their bearings in a less-intimidating atmosphere. Where else, for instance, could you go for a paddle up a gently winding river by day and step out of your canoe onto the red carpet to attend your screening that evening? Imagine swimming in a warm misty lake by morning, taking in screenings by day and night, and topping off the evening at an after-screening party, ambling down Muskoka River on a barge filled with people who just saw your film. And now imagine heading to the big show in Toronto with a relaxed body and mind, filled with the positive glow of new festival experiences.

Muskoka has a long history of free-spirited artists and honest hard working people, both drawn to the region by the unparalleled beauty.

This is what we look for at CineMuskoka.

Our two to three screen festival is hosted at the unique Algonquin Theatre. The main venue for our festival. Much like Huntsville’s motto, “Touch the past, embrace the future,” our main stage is the future. Algonquin Theatre has cozy and intimate seating, state of the art sound and rich cinematic projection. You’ll enjoy the balcony space, the elevated view of downtown, and the large reception hall for our maple whiskey toast on opening night.

CineMuskoka Weekend Program Guide

CineMuskoka Program Guide 2017

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