Access Point & Campground Delivery

Rental Rates

 New for 2018  – Algonquin Outfitters’ Oxtongue Lake and Lake Opeongo locations now offers access point and campground delivery across Algonquin Parks front country (Hwy 60).  This service is ideal for customers taking the Park Bus or driving a vehicle that’s not capable of transporting a canoe or kayak .  We deliver right to the access point or campground beach on a daily basis during the peak summer season.  If you are coming from the east you will want to make your reservation with our Lake Opeongo store (1-888-280-8886) where visitors from the West most likely want to reserve with our Oxtongue Lake store (1-800-469-4948).


  • Access point delivery rates below indicate the delivery charge not the rental equipment charge, see our Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboard rentals pages for product rental rates.  All rentals are charged by the calendar day with a minimum 2 day rental.  Paddles & PFD’s must be picked up from either our Oxtongue Lake or Lake Opeongo store based on where the delivery is originating from.  Eg. for Free Delivery to Canoe or Smoke Lake, pick up paddles from our Oxtongue Lake store, for Free delivery to Rock or Sunday Creek pick up from our Lake Opeongo Store.  
  • Campground rental rates include free delivery to indicated campgrounds and are calculated for a 24 hour period.

RATE 1: Rentals and deliveries from Oxtongue Lake (West side of Algonquin Park corridor)
RATE 2: Rentals and deliveries from Lake Opeongo (East side of Algonquin Park corridor)

Access Point Delivery Rates (rentals extra)
Canoe Lake, Access Point #5 - delivery fee Free $30
Smoke Lake, Access Point #6 - delivery fee Free $30
Source Lake, Access Point #7 - delivery fee $20 $20
Cache Lake, Access Point #8 - delivery fee $20 $20
Sunday Creek, Access Point #10 - delivery fee $30 Free
Rock Lake, Access Point #9 - delivery fee $30 Free
Campground Rental Rates with Free Delivery
2 Person Canoe w paddles and safety kit $28.98 $28.98
3 Person Canoe w paddles and safety kit $35.98 $35.98
1 Person Paddleboard w paddle and safety kit $28.98 $28.98
1 Person Kayak w paddle and safety kit $28.98 $28.98
2 Person Kayak w paddles and safety kit $35.98 $35.98
Lifejackets (PFD) $2.95 $2.95
Deluxe PFD $4.95 $4.95

Campground Delivery service is FREE with canoe, kayak or paddleboard rental.

Campground Delivery Schedule (June 23 – Sept Labour Day Weekend)

Call 1-888-280-8886 for deliveries in the fall (Until Thanksgiving)


Canisbay Lake Campground Daily at 8:30am Call – 1-800-469-4948 Oxtongue Lake
Rock Lake Campground Daily at 9:00am Call – 1-888-280-8886 Lake Opeongo
Lake of Two Rivers Campground Daily at 9:30am Call – 1-800-469-4948 Oxtongue Lake
Pog Lake Campground Daily at 10:30am Call – 1-888-280-8886 Lake Opeongo
Kearney Campground Daily at 12:00 noon Call – 1-888-280-8886 Lake Opeongo
Mew Lake Campground Daily at 12:00 noon Call – 1-800-469-4948 Oxtongue Lake


Algonquin Park Corridor (Highway #60 Front Country) Delivery Map


  • Campground rental price includes a paddle per person and a safety kit (whistle, 15m rope and bailer), PFD’s are extra.
  • Campground rental rates are based on a 24-hour period vs. a calendar day.

Reservations are not necessary but can be made up to end of business on the day before the rental.

Customers without reservations can meet the driver on arrival and arrange a rental on site.

Payment for the rental is made at the campground. We accept payment by credit card or cash (no debit). Please note that the rental period is 24 hours, unlike our regular overnight rentals, which are based on the calendar day.

For canoe trippers, Algonquin Park Highway 60 Access Point delivery is also available, see top of this page for delivery rates and our Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboard for equipment rental rates.

Please refer to the phone numbers above to contact the appropriate store for rental reservations.