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White water rafting in a flat-water canoe on the Madawaska River, Barry’s Bay. Paddling builds confidence and creates personal growth, plus its great fun!

Is there anything more Canadian than paddling? ‘Ontario’ is an Iroquoian word meaning ‘land of shining waters’. With over 200 lakes, countless rivers and heritage waterways in Ontario, we are connected by and to water and the Canoe is a symbol of that relationship.
Watch five different stories of ways Ontarian have connected to our natural environment, each other and themselves through paddling.

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Tips for Running Your First Waterfall

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Use this expert advice to run your first drop. Brendan Kowtecky with AO Boatwerks in Ontario, offers series of tips to successfully boof a small waterfall.
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Challenge yourself with a whitewater program from Algonquin Outfitters Boatwerks on the Gull River

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