Overnight Trip Packages

The best way to “get into Algonquin” is on a multi-day canoe trip. With almost 8,000 square kilometres of wilderness, over 2,000 kilometres of canoe routes and hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails, Algonquin Park can’t possibly be fully experienced in just one day. It takes many days or, perhaps, even a lifetime to really get to know “The Park.”

On an overnight or multi-day canoe trip, you can explore numerous lakes, encounter a wider variety of wilderness environments and see more wildlife than on a day trip, as well as cook some hearty meals and sleep out under the stars. Camping out overnight enhances an Algonquin Park adventure by providing extra time to experience more of what the park really has to offer.

If you don’t feel ready to tackle a trip by yourself, think about taking one of our custom guided trips. On an Algonquin Outfitters guided trip, the goal is to educate our clients on the skills of wilderness canoe tripping and camping. We hope that the guided activity creates a desire to return and go on another canoe trip – maybe even on a self-guided trip.

Read the descriptions below and click the title or image for complete information about our fully outfitted Algonquin Park canoe trips.

Streamlined packages and pricing in 2023:

Algonquin Outfitters has streamlined outfitting package offerings and pricing for the 2023 season. All packages now include the same delicious food and top-quality equipment, and price differences reflect the type of canoe you choose, and the additional services included. Please see the outline below and click the link to the individual package for more details and pricing.

Multiple locations for your convenience:

Please note that complete outfitting packages are only available at the Oxtongue Lake, and Lake Opeongo locations, all located in the “Hwy 60 corridor” area of Algonquin Park. The location you pick depends on what access point you are using and from which direction you are entering the park. Prices are the same at each location. If you need some help figuring out which store to choose, please call and discuss options with our knowledgeable reservations team. Canoe trippers wishing to start a trip at Cedar Lake (access 27), in the Algonquin Park’s north end, can arrange to pick up food and equipment at Oxtongue Lake and get their canoe at the Brent Store, located on the shores of Cedar Lake. Folks starting at access points other than Hwy 60 (eg. the park’s “west side”) can pick up a package at Oxtongue Lake and transport the canoe on their vehicle, using tie-down equipment we can supply if needed. Planning to arrive in the area the day before and staying in our tent cabins or other local accommodation is a good idea when planning such a trip.