Guided Trips

Why go on a guided trip? Whether it lasts a few days or a week, a guided canoe trip is ideal for families or groups of friends seeking the extra level of comfort that comes with having an experienced, personable and knowledgeable guide accompanying them. A guided trip allows the first-timer to comfortably experience what can be an intimidating and easily underestimated wilderness environment. People with previous canoe-camping or wilderness travel experience find that having a guide along helps them build new skills and confidently undertake a more challenging route than they may have on their own. Families discover that having a guide to take care of the “nitty-gritty” details of the trip allows them more time to enjoy special wilderness experiences in Algonquin Park together.

Enhance your Algonquin Park experience by booking one of our outfitting packages with a skilled and knowledgeable canoe trip guide. Algonquin Outfitters offers options for both guided day trips and overnight camping experiences in the park's interior. For multi-day canoe camping trips, you can choose the guide service level that best suits your needs and budget: our exclusive "Custom Guided Trip" with our Ultimate Outfitting food and equipment package, the innovative “Guide for a Day” option or the shorter "Greenhorn Service."

Read the descriptions below and click the title or image for complete information on our guided Algonquin Park canoe trips.