Solo Canoe Trip Outfitting

Solo CanoeWould you like to truly get away from it all on a solo backcountry canoe trip into Algonquin Park’s interior? We can assist, if you want to literally leave everyone behind after you pack up your gear, and then head off into the wilderness on your own. This modified version of our Lightweight Outfitting package includes lightweight Kevlar solo canoes instead of tandems.

Keep in mind, however, that a solo trip is not everyone’s style – it takes a special type of person to tackle such an adventure. Traveling alone means that you are the paddler, portager, navigator, tent-setter-upper, cook, dishwasher and your only resource for help in an emergency. Another option is to consider is traveling with a companion but using solo canoes. This style of tripping offers the freedom of solo paddling but the security of having a partner to share the load. If you prefer to go by yourself, though, you may want to rent one of our SPOT personal locator devices.

Canoe or Kayak?

While kayaks are certainly fast and fun to paddle, we generally try to discourage people from using them on trips with longer and/or many portages. Portaging kayaks and gear is tricky and time consuming, using up most of the time you gain by having greater efficiency when paddling. A good compromise might be paddling a solo canoe with a kayak paddle. This offers the ability to travel with close to the speed of kayak but the carrying capacity and ease of portaging of a canoe.

What is a Solo Canoe?

Algonquin Outfitters is one of the few outfitters in North America to rent modern solo and “Pack” canoes. We have a variety of solo canoes, including Swift models like the Shearwater, Keewaydin 15 (standard canoe and Pack version) and Pack 13.6. All are approximately 14 – 16 feet long, weigh 35 – 40 lbs. and come with a detachable carrying yoke, since the seat is in the centre of the boat. Gear space varies with the model. They all tend to be narrower than tandem canoes. For a longer solo trip, we recommend the Shearwater or the Keewaydin 15 since they are the most roomy. For more information on the Keewaydin 15, Shearwater and Pack Boat series, check out