Guide for a Day

Need a little help getting started?

An experienced canoe trip guide will travel with you on the first day of your canoe trip.

Available as an option with our Ultimate Outfitting package only, this innovative program goes beyond our standard “Greenhorn Service.

One of our experienced guides will accompany your group for the first day of your trip, helping you pack and prepare, reviewing the route in detail, as well as assisting with permits and other pre-departure details. Along the way, the guide will teach skills like loading canoes, portaging techniques, paddling strokes, basic navigation, campsite selection and organization. Once you are safely established on your first campsite with dinner cooking, the guide will depart, allowing you to finish the trip on your own, equipped with new skills and increased confidence.

Our guides can show you simple techniques to make your canoe trip safer and more enjoyable. Watch the video for one example: here is how to properly load a canoe at the water’s edge.