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Alone In The Wild

Back in Fall 2019, Karam, Truffle (the canoe) and I, set out on a 17-day canoe trip through Algonquin Park, Canada. The beauty of this place is tenfold during Fall. Although we knew there would be the added challenge of colder weather, we wanted to avoid the crowds of summer and the mosquitoes, have our choice of campsites and see the change of the colours. We were not disappointed.

Spending a few weeks out in the park alone with Karam was by the far the coolest thing I’ve done to date. Being that isolated, surrounded by silence and the occasional loon (oh I could go on for hours about the sound of a loon), is such a rare experience in my everyday city/laptop life. Our time out in the park felt timeless and intimate so, now, to turn around and share these thoughts and images with an audience feels quite daunting, like I’m giving something up. But, also, it feels right. We wanted to create something that was honest and felt like us, and that’s what we did.

The process of turning this adventure into a film has been a slow one, but a beautiful one also. Being able to revisit any given moment from our trip, either through video or my diary, has honestly been really fun. Although nearly nine months ago now, the whole experience seems extremely fresh in my memory, in part due to my incredibly good memory of course, but mainly because we’ve spent so many hours rewatching the footage in order to put our film together.

After weeks planning this trip, weeks living alone in the wild, and months editing this film, we’re finally proud to show you our baby.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed complaining about the lack of cheese on this adventure.

This film is dedicated to our trustworthy canoe Truffle, without who this trip would not have been possible (or as entertaining). So a big thank you to Algonquin Outfitters for providing us with the best gear and your best-trained canoe!

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Elena is an outdoor/lifestyle writer (blog coming soon!) with a focus on slow travel. Go over to her Instagram woodfromthewoods to follow her adventures portaging through the park, biking across Vietnam, and surfing in Bali.

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