Algonquin Park Weather

Algonquin Park’s weather is very dynamic and, due to the park’s large area, can vary greatly depending where you are. For the short-term forecast, it’s best to reference the precipitation radar below. For long-term forecast, click the individual forecasts below to see the current and seven-day weather outlook. Remember, just because it’s calling for rain somewhere in Algonquin Park doesn’t always mean it’s going to rain where you are headed.

Lake Opeongo Weather Cam

Our Lake Opeongo store has the only live weather cam in Algonquin Park.  For more information you can read our article about when we launched our Weather Cam on April 25th 2017 by visiting this link.


Environment Canada weather reports

Algonquin Park Lake of Two Rivers Radar / Weather


Algonquin Park Advisories

Algonquin Park visitors should be aware of the current advisories shown on the map below. Click the icon or shading and follow the link(s) to gain more information about the specific notification. These advisories may include unexpected campsite or trail closures, boil water orders, low water levels, etc. Please review this map before any visit to Algonquin Park for the most current Algonquin Park information. –