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2018 Algonquin Landmarks Photo / Art Contest Winners

The Algonquin Landmark Photo / Art Contest

For more than 125 years Algonquin Park has inspired people to create great works of art or take a picture to remember their visit.  This summer is Ontario Parks 125th anniversary so we’d like to inspire you to get out side and visit Algonquin Provincial Park to create great works of art or capture a beautiful scene with your camera.

Contest Guidelines

We’ve provided a list of great Algonquin Park landmarks below, your job is to visit any of these landmarks and capture an image or paint a picture from that land mark.  If you really feel inspired you are allowed to enter 32 images, one from each location on the list below: [ SEE LARGE MAP ]

Algonquin Art Centre • Algonquin Logging Museum • Algonquin Park Visitor Centre • Algonquin Provincial Park – East Gate • Barron Canyon • Bates Island • Beaver Pond Trail • Big Pines Trail • Birchbark Sign at West Gate • Booth Rock Lookout • Brent Crater • Cache Lake Historic Site – Highland Inn • Cairn on Canoe Lake • Canoe Lake • Centennial Ridges Lookout • Fisherman’s Point on Smoke Lake • Hailstorm Creek • Kiosk Campground • Lake of Two Rivers Island • Lookout Trail • Old Airfield • Peck Lake Trail • Ragged Falls • Smoke Lake Hanger • Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail • Tea Lake Dam • Town of Brent • Track and Tower Trail – Skymount look out • Turtle Rock on Opeongo Road • West Gate – Algonquin Park • Whiskey Rapids Trail • Wolf Howl Pond on Mizzy Lake Trail

Our 2018 Winners are

1st Place: Steve Dunsford – Amazing Aurora – Turtle Rock on Opeongo Road
Prize $250 AO Gift Card


2nd place: Tii-An DeMartines – Tail Lights Mist and Trees at Smoke Lake – Fisherman’s Point on Smoke Lake
Prize: Framed giclee on canvas by Michael Dumas’ “In the Pink” • $150 Value


3rd Place:  Paulo Pante – Mere Reflection – Tea Lake Dam
AO $100 Gift Card



4th Place: JJ Guy Longtin – Barron River Canyon – Barron Canyon
Limited Edition framed print of Tom Thomson’s “Evening, Canoe Lake” $99 Value


5th place:  Karen Dennis – Canoe Lake – Canoe Lake
Group of Seven set of 4 mugs from McIntosh • $50 value


Peoples Choice: Melissa Reinsma – Natures Solitude Untouched
People’s Choice Prize: Algonquin Headwaters DVD, Plus a Free Day Rental certificate from Algonquin Outfitters $70 Value


Honorable Mentions

There were so many great entries in this years contest we just had to include some homorable mentions.
These entries will all receive an Algonquin Headwaters DVD the next time they visit the Algonquin Art Centre in Algonquin Park.


Stay tuned for our next contest by visiting our contest landing page.


  • Carol Thompson says:

    Hello I have enjoyed looking at the winners of this year’s contest. The thing that I do not understand is why there are not two categories. One for photos and one for artwork. There is such a difference in the amount of work, time and talent in these two medias. I travel up to Algonquin about three times a year and I know the areas that the photos , artwork include.
    Please explain. Thanks very much.
    Carol Thompson

    • Good day Carol, and thank you for your question. It was decided early on in the development of the contest to give both artists and photographers equal chance to win prizes vs splitting the prize pool between photography and art. We (Algonquin Outfitters and the Algonquin Art Centre staff) had considered splitting it but felt it would be difficult to decide which prize would be assigned to which category.

      It was outlined in the contest details and rules. We have run many contests in the past and this is a common question that comes up often even in just photo or just art contests (both of which we have run separately in the past). Photographers as us to exclude or split the categories between amateur and professional classes and artists often ask us to split by age, adult vs youth. The one time we did run a contest with split categories it created many more questions as to why we excluded people from certain prizes or why we split the categories the way we did. We find that maintaining just one category per contest creates fewer questions and confusion and provides everyone with an equal chance to win prizes from our prize pool. Hope that provides you with some information and answers your question.

      We do run photography and art only contests, you can see our Paddle Art Contest that’s currently open to entries until Aug 31st, 2019 (yes, next summer) on our website, under the event tab. We also typically run a photo contest every year so keep your eyes peeled for our 2019 photo contest. If you have any further questions or would like to suggest a contest that you feel many people would enter feel free to reach out to me. ~ Randy M ( or 705-787-0262 x36)

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