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2017 Algonquin Park Ice Out Contest

For a little help picking your date be sure to check out our May 20th 2017 Ice Out Report & our April 15th 2017 Ice Out Report, we also launched a Lake Opeongo Weather Cam on April 25th 2017.


It’s official Tuesday April 25th 2017 was the Ice Out date for Lake Opeongo

We’re happy to now announce our winners in our contest.  Thank you very much to the 705 people who took the time to register their Ice Out date in our 2017 Lake Opeongo Ice Out Contest.  We hope you had as much fun entering as we did organizing this contest.

We had dates picked as early as January 12 2017 and as late as December 26th 2017!  I’m sure glad that those guesses weren’t right. Most people picked dates around the last week of April and that’s just what happened with ice out being on April 25th.

We had twelve, 3rd place winners, all of which will receive a $25 off rental coupon that they can use toward renting a canoe, kayak, paddleboard, bike, watertrampoline or any other piece of rental equipment we offer.  You see the full list of rental gear here.

Our 3rd place winners were:

  • Derek Meloche, Angus, ON
  • Lorry Brandon, Minden, ON
  • Dan Wencel, London, ON
  • Graham Longley, Princeton, ON
  • Kevin Budhoo, Brampton, ON
  • Andrew Darline, Huntsville, ON
  • Patrick Mott, Selwyn, ON
  • Martyn Obbard, Lakehurst, ON
  • Chris McGyver, Burgassville, ON
  • Arlene Ludwig, Williamsford, ON
  • Josee Gingras, Penetanguishene, ON
  • Calob Durham, Barrie, ON

Our 2nd place winner of the Explorers’ Edge $50 ESSO Gas Card was:

  • Gwen Hawrylu, Chatham, Ontario

And our Grand Prize winner of the $100 AO Gift Card was:

  • Jason Chicquen, Arprior, Ontario

Thank you once again to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our 14 winners!

For up-to-date Algonquin Park weather be sure to check out our new Lake Opeongo weather cam that we launched on April 25th 2017



  • Amber Cockburn says:

    My Lake Opeongo ice out guess is: 2017-04-29.

  • Mark Dixon says:

    Very cool contest. We always guess the date at our cottage when the ice will be out. I’m always close, but never right!

  • Okan says:

    I chose April 24 but I didn’t get a prize! What determines second and third place winners?

    • Hey Okan thanks for asking. We detailed how prizing was selected on the contest page at the launch of the contest, but here’s the basic details. Since we couldn’t control how many people would pick any give dates we noted that all winners would be picked by random draw from all of those who chose the actual ice out date. Our 1st place winner was selected first, then our second place then we noted that up to 12 3rd place winners would be picked, depending on how many others picked the same ice out date. This time around we had a total of 30 people pick April 25th out of the 705 entries so 14 our of 30 were randomly chosen to receive prices.

      Sorry your name wasn’t randomly selected as one of the winners, but it’s obvious you have great skill in picking the right ice out date. I personally missed it by 4 days and 675 other people also missed the date. So in a way you were “.” this close. Hope you had fun playing along and will participate again the next time we hold a contest (which will be really soon, by the way). Lots of luck next time.

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