• Jeff's Map Algonquin Park Western
  • Jeff's Map Algonquin Park Western
  • Jeff's Map Algonquin Park Western

Jeff’s Map Algonquin Park Western V5.0

Inspiring adventures for canoeists, backpackers and crazy kayaker


There’s many maps out there detailing Algonquin Park but none of them offer the detail that Jeff’s Map offers, this is why many of our staff and clients have planed trip after trip by referring to Jeff’s Maps.

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Jeff’s Map of Western Algonquin Park

Jeff's MapThere are many maps out there of Algonquin Park but none of them offer the detail that Jeff’s Map offers. This attention to detail is why many of our staff and clients have planned trip after trip by referring to Jeff’s Maps.  Algonquin park is a big place, so big in fact that Jeff had to divide the park into 4 different sections. In laying them out Jeff wanted to make them as zoomed in and detailed as possible while specifically trying to make sure that you’d only need a single map for most trips, even trips that are a couple of weeks in length.

I bet you didn’t know…

  • About the huge number of historic ruins scattered all around the Algonquin area
  • Exactly which fish species you’ll find in each lake
  • Where to find all of the secret unofficial routes, trails and portages that’ll help you find solitude faster

But now you do – and that’s just the beginning.

Just imagine the adventures you’ll have on your next trip!

Trip planning reinvented.

Setting up your tent at 9pm because *someone* didn’t think to plan for the seemingly endless number of twists and turns on the Tim River and the gut-wrenching steepness of “Heart Attack Hill” portage is… no fun.

There’s no need to go through that again though. Now both new and experienced canoeists alike can quickly and easily plan reasonable trips using the travel times printed on the map.

Relentlessly accurate.

My map will get you where you want to go. That might not sound like much, but you’d sure notice if it didn’t.

I should know. Playing ‘find the missing campsite’ one too many times is what pushed me to start making my maps.

My solution? What I haven’t GPSed myself I’ve meticulously sourced from every trip log, forum post and GPS track I’ve been able to find, and from the hundreds of canoeists, kayakers and backpackers who’ve contributed their own experiences.

Beautiful meets functional.

It’s pouring rain. The sun’s setting. The last thing you want to do is spend 5 minutes looking at the map.

That’s why I spent over 6 months choosing, tweaking, and perfecting the colour scheme so the most important features like the portages, routes and campsites stick out, while all of the less critical elements fade away into the background until you’re looking for them.

Free Download? What’s Up With That?

It’s simple. I want as many people as possible to benefit.

I started making maps for my own trips after finding glaring mistakes on the official Algonquin map, telling park staff about them, and seeing nothing change. The fact that others have found them useful is just a happy coincidence.

In fact, I didn’t even sell print copies of the map for the first few years because I thought it’d be too much work. It was only because people kept telling me that they couldn’t use the map if they couldn’t bring it with them that I eventually relented.

I Couldn’t Do It Without You

The map’s pretty comprehensive.

Some of it comes from the fact that I’ve pulled together information from all of my personal experience as well as every forum post, trip log, book, historic map and scientific report I’ve been able to find…

…but all of that pales in comparison to the info I’ve gotten from the hundreds of comments, suggestions, corrections and GPS tracks I’ve received from canoeists, backpackers and kayakers like you. Conditions are constantly changing, but working together that’s a problem we can overcome.

Besides, it’s not just about finding errors that have slipped though the cracks – I’ve had people contribute new ideas and perspectives that‘ve made the map better than I ever could have all by myself.

My Story

I’ve been going canoeing since I was 8 (I’m 26 now).

There’s no other way to say it – I hated it at first. It was hot, buggy and painful. Why would someone enjoy doing that?? Well, fast forward a few years and I started taking friends on trips when I turned 15 so clearly my perspective changed at some point 🙂

To date I’ve tripped for over 500 days, but this is just the beginning :D. After graduating from university last May I’ve been working on the map full time – so I plan on upping the number of trips I take each year from here on out.

Be sure to say ‘hi’ if you see me around!


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