Crossing Algonquin 2018 Winter

By , published on January 30, 2018

Crossing Algonquin 2018

Gear Essentials Wonder what you need to Algonquin in winter? Here’s a quick rundown – By Buck Miller   Introduction When I started planning Crossing Algonquin 2018 to say there were a few things to figure out would be large understatement. Having enough gear already in my garage to outfit a team of six on…

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Cookout at the Lookout

By , published on March 25, 2017
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© Cobi Sharpe

One of my favourite things about nature is watching the seasons change. It’s amazing what plants and animals go through when they prepare for winter and how they come alive when spring happens. With the warm temperatures we have had over the past couple of weeks I wanted to get to Algonquin Park to see…

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Wonderful Winter Activities in Algonquin Park

By , published on March 7, 2017

wonderful winter activities in Algonquin Park

During family day weekend 2017, I spent my time in Algonquin Park attending the Winter in the Wild Demonstration portion of the event, displaying my hot tent.    It was a fabulous weekend and there were so many people in the park winter adventuring!  I spent some of every day checking out the trails and…

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Winter Adventures in Arrowhead

By , published on February 17, 2017
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Winter adventures in Arrowhead

More Than Just A Skating Trail Arrowhead Provincial Park is a gorgeous place to visit in the wintertime. The park is located north of Huntsville and when the snow flies, there is no better place to spend the day adventuring. I used to hate the cold weather and winter, until I discovered how many amazing…

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